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Įgarsinimas, apšvietimas ir visos renginių techninio aptarnavimo paslaugos

Kai renginiu rūpinasi patyrusi komanda, gebanti pasirinkti optimalius, daug kartų patikrintus sprendimus, viskas vyksta sklandžiai, taupomas organizatorių biudžetas. Mūsų prodiuseriai atsakingai planuoja kiekvieną detalę, atlieka visus reikiamus techninio aptarnavimo darbus: išsiaiškina renginio vietos sąlygas ir paruošia detalų techninių sprendimų scenarijų, dalyvauja renginyje ir seka, kad viskas vyktų be jokių trikdžių.


LED screens

P2.6 (atstumas tarp pikselių (taškų) – 2,6 mm. 147,456 pikselių viename m²) – tai itin aukštos kokybės Pro versijos ekranas, kurio parametrai idealiai pritaikyti filmuoti. Detalus, aukštos rezoliucijos vaizdas kokybiškai perteikiamas tiek salėje esantiems žiūrovams, tiek ir tiems, kurie stebi renginio transliaciją ar įrašą.


Virtual event and streaming platform

Virtual event and streaming platform


Hybrid event streaming production

More than 1500 live events produced in 202č for over 300 clients and a significant part of these projects were virtual or hybrid. As we provide professional TV production services for multiple TV channels, media agencies, sports and culture organizations, we bring the same quality, approach and experience to the internet streaming production of hybrid events.


Virtual event production

Professional virtual event streaming production and customizable platforms.


OB multicam production

OB multi-cam production is the most popular and efficient way of producing TV Shows, concerts, and many other TV projects. Multi-cam enables recording different angles simultaneously, doing real time editing, and shooting scenes much faster by eliminating many time-consuming production processes. Professional multi-cam production usually provides better quality than recordings from separate cameras and editing. Camera settings can be monitored and adjusted during production; camera operators can receive suggestions from video editor who is responsible for the overall result, making changes in real time. Sometimes it is beneficial for a TV show to have a live studio audience in which case multi-cam OB setup enables the scene to flow naturally and allows the audience to participate. As a result, there is no need to repeat the scenes multiple times.


Professional Facebook live streaming

Facebook Live acquired great popularity - which is still to reach its peak growth - since it was first launched. This can be attributed to Facebook's claims that video will play the main role in the platform's future. Facebook Live is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience quickly and in a cost effective manner; on top of it all, it is incredibly easy to use. Here at ZoomTV.lt we provide professional streaming production services for public, businesses, sports organizations, PR agencies focusing on exclusive events and ensuring high quality production, great excitement for their Facebook viewers, and freedom of their own creative ideas. More

Custom broadcasting solutions

As TV and WEB production experts, we provide a wide range of custom solutions. Here are some of our successful projects:

- "Kitchen Myth Busters" 24 hours non-stop internet streaming production, with constantly moving and changing locations - from a studio to a park, car, train, boat, and even a helicopter. 24 hours of smooth internet streaming!

- National Anthem live from four different locations simultaneously delivered to main OB for broadcasting live on TV3 (Viasat).

- Conferences - live and real time interpretation into several languages, real time subtitling and graphics, additional streams' integration - for example, live interviews - and streaming into many platforms.

- MTBO World Championship 2017 live broadcasting on Viasat sport Baltic - 21 cameras, 5 OB units, a TV crane, 2 heavy drones, real time stats, GPS data and graphics, instant replays, 4 wireless systems, 45 people crew.

We always share our expertise in order to enable your creativity and ideas to be brought to life step by step, from strategic to technical solutions.


Conferences and seminars live streaming

We are proud that our technical and creative solutions have been trusted by the major conference organizers, banks and other business and public organizations in Lithuania - Login, Confin, TEDx, Baltic Investors' forum, SEB, Telia, Luminor, Danske bank, and many others.

We are always ready to offer the best solutions for events of various sizes, importance and budget:

- Conferences

- Trainings, lectures, seminars

- Panel discussions

- Press conferences

- Briefings


Concert and cultural events broadcasting

Experienced crew and versatile equipment enables us to bring to life complex broadcast and streaming solutions, where zoom lenses, wireless camera systems, multi camera recording, real time graphics, and many more are needed to create a high quality live broadcast. We are proud to have produced Deep Purple concert in Riga, Bi2 concert, Radistai concert in Vilnius, Eurotrack European Athletics Federation Awards, and many concerts by local artists as well as cultural and arts events.


Sports broadcasting

We provide wide range of services - from innovative and sophisticated internet and TV broadcasting customised multi camera solutions to simple one camera streaming sports productions. We help our clients distribute the content either directly to TV channels, news sites, as well as cooperate directly with media companies that distribute sports content worldwide. This helps to reach bigger audiences as well as generates revenue for our clients. More