As TV and WEB production experts, we provide a wide range of custom solutions. Here are some of our successful projects:

- "Kitchen Myth Busters" 24 hours non-stop internet streaming production, with constantly moving and changing locations - from a studio to a park, car, train, boat, and even a helicopter. 24 hours of smooth internet streaming!

- National Anthem live from four different locations simultaneously delivered to main OB for broadcasting live on TV3 (Viasat).

- Conferences - live and real time interpretation into several languages, real time subtitling and graphics, additional streams' integration - for example, live interviews - and streaming into many platforms.

- MTBO World Championship 2017 live broadcasting on Viasat sport Baltic - 21 cameras, 5 OB units, a TV crane, 2 heavy drones, real time stats, GPS data and graphics, instant replays, 4 wireless systems, 45 people crew.

We always share our expertise in order to enable your creativity and ideas to be brought to life step by step, from strategic to technical solutions.